Optimizing the training process

Monitoring the training process in team sport: from description to prescription part 2

Monitoring the training process in team sportFrom description to prescription: Part 2 In our previous blog post, we discussed the first stage of the monitoring process, description (link to blog). Here, we focused on a systematic data collection using different tools to describe the training process according to the framework of Impellizzeri and colleagues (2019)…

TopSportsLab NV

TopSportsLab Management buy-out

Management buy-out of TopSportsLabA fresh start and the road ahead Topsportslab’s new board is proud to announce that they’ve successfully completed the acquisition of Topsportslab.
 Arne Jaspers PhD. (former Topsportslab sports scientist), Olay Dede (former Topsportslab ICT Manager) and Ferdi Özdemir (former Topsportslab IT Partner) have acquired Topsportslab and its associated platforms through a full…