Easily monitor athlete health & performance

Centralise your training, medical, well-being and screening data. Monitor athlete performance, gain actionable insights and optimise your time on and off the field.


Topsportslab Athlete Management System

A platform tailored for football clubs and referee federations.
Based on solid key-principles:

Evidence-based practice

Translate the latest scientific knowledge into your workflow.

Practice-based evidence

Generate insights to inform your decision-making.

Data & sport science

Improve data efficiency and effectivity.

Back your decisions with data

Join the ranks of elite football clubs and referee federations all over the world.
Monitor your athletes’ performance and be part of these stats.

4.5 M KM

Total distance registered

23.5 K

Athletes' performance monitored

1.35 M

Training sessions analysed

Where to deploy our Athlete Management System

Football clubs

Deploy Topsportslab within your team, club or federation and leverage its’ capabilities to increase workflow, save time and make sense of your data.

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Referee federations

Deploy Topsportslab within your referee federation. Easily monitor your referees all around the world and use custom tools for reporting their training quality.

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Aggregate your performance tracking data

Connect with major GPS and heart rate sensor manufacturers.
Gather performance tracking data and generate to-the-point insights.

About our software

Collaborate in a user-friendly environment

Manage your athletes and collaborate with club or federation staff in an easy-to-use environment. The Topsportslab platform is built with ease of use and clutter free workspaces in mind.

You do not only decide what data you keep track of but also who you collaborate on it with. Create your own data sets and determine access within your team.

Centralise your athletes’ performance data

Let the Topsportslab platform support you. Determine workflows within your team, club or federation and centralise your data. Collect administrative-, medical- , screening- , athlete tracking data, evaluations and much more…

Don’t like our data model? Use dynamic fields to personalise the platform and design your own data model.

Training result in Topsportslab

Easily unlock actionable insights

Now that you have determined workflows and created data sets, it’s time to unlock insights.

Our platform has been built based on evidence-based and practice-based principles to support your decision making.

Use our performance management algorithms such as overuse-, fitness and fatigue-, injury risk indicators,… or gain access to your data through our API and build your own dashboarding solutions.

Overuse Indicator Topsportslab Platform

Benefits of using our Athlete Management System

Be Game Ready

Optimise your athletes’ fitness and manage fatigue.

Reduce Injury Risk

Field your best athletes in the most important games.

Create Value

Improve your athletes’ availability, efficiency and productivity.

Ready for monitoring your athletes?

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