Announcing management buy-out

A fresh start and the road ahead

Our new board is proud to announce they have successfully completed the acquisition of Topsportslab.

Arne Jaspers PhD. (former Topsportslab sports scientist), Olay Dede (former Topsportslab ICT Manager) and Ferdi Özdemir (former Topsportslab contractor) have acquired Topsportslab and its’ associated platforms through a full management buyout.

“It’ll be a fresh start, focusing on a persistent balance between sport sciences and IT”, according to the new board members. “First and foremost, our priority lies in reassuring our professional customers by preventing any inconvenience caused by the acquisition. Better yet, we’ll make sure they can benefit from our planned improvements of the platform to support their day-to-day operations. We keep a firm focus on improving the service for all our existing customers. Some of our new and innovative expansions are ready to be integrated and will be launched as soon as possible.” Olay Dede says. “In this way, the performance and availability of the player can be further optimised.”

The new board announced that we’re all facing an exciting period, with investments in all the Topsportslab platforms. These investments will ensure hassle-free tracking of the rapidly changing IT and data analysis landscape. The changes won’t be limited to the IT-infrastructure however, they’ll include new algorithms and interesting insights. Derived from a combination of evidence-based and practice-based applications.

These applications arise from Topsportslab’s scientific research in collaboration with Werner Helsen, professor at KU Leuven, Human Movement Sciences department as well as practical insights from recent years’ international football. In this area, Topsportslab wants to distinguish itself. (*The completed doctoral research of Arne Jaspers, PhD. and the current doctoral project of Kobe Houtmeyers, focusing on continuous monitoring within the professional football circuit.)

Their second major linchpin is communication. All the acquired insights and innovations need to be passed on to clients and interested clubs within semi-professional and amateur football. Topsportslab strives for a tight-knit collaboration with these clubs in order to align their software to each and everyone’s specific needs. Only this will guarantee an optimal functioning of their club and youth academies.

It’s clear that Topsportslab’s new board is determined to not only succeed but also to excel.

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