Topsportslab Athlete Management System

Join some of the best clubs and federations in the world and monitor in an easy to use Athlete Management System.

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What does our Athlete Management System offer?


The Topsportslab platform is an easy-to-use and customisable Athlete Management System. Our platform is based on years of scientific research and feedback from professionals on the field.

Our system can be used to centralise all health and performance data within your organisation, facilitate communication between staff and players, optimise your workflow and give you insights to support your decision-making.

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Back your decisions with data

Join the ranks of elite football clubs and referee federations all over the world.
Monitor your athletes’ performance and be part of these stats.

4.5 M KM


23.5 K


1.35 M


What is included in our Athlete Management System?

Manage your athletes

Use a single customisable solution to manage your athletes. Grant access to all athletes or use custom locker room solutions to gather data on the go.

Centralise training sessions and matches

Centralise your training sessions and games in a single solution. Use our specialised tools for real-time or post session analyses. Set up the necessary API connections and automatically pull in data in one easy to use workspace!

Track injuries

Grant access to your medical staff and track all medical history, injuries, medical imaging or rehabilitation processes in a single, GDPR-proof environment. Use our extensive statistics to gain insights and optimise where possible.

Monitor training load

Monitor your athletes’ training load with precision-tools. Identify long term trends or acute changes to support your decision-making.


Use our handy tools to communicate with your athletes and staff. Provide feedback to the right person at the right time.


Evaluate your athletes both by using evaluation forms over time and custom well-being questionnaires.

Monitor the training load of your athletes

Use our Performance Management tools to monitor the training load of your athletes. Our indicators are a mix of proprietary algorithms as well as practice-based algorithm to help you gain insights. Process your training and game data and use tools like RPE analysis, A:C Ratio, overuse indicators and workload periodisation to assist you in your decision making.

Monitoring athlete performance using an Athlete Management System such as Topsportslab

Integrate athlete tracking data from various sources

Avoid having to change between various sources of athlete tracking software. Our Athlete Management System aggregates and translates GPS and heart rate data from various makes and models to our own internal model, helping you achieve efficient real-time and post-session analyses.

Check below to see what manufacturers we are compatible with. Does your organisation use hardware we do not support?
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Aggregate your athlete tracking data

Connect with major GPS and heart rate sensor manufacturers.

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