Topsportslab Referee Management System

Join some of the best referee federations in the world and monitor your referees with tailor-made tools.

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What does our Referee Management System offer?

Our referee management software is built on the same core functionalities but contains custom refereeing-oriented functionalities.

Our training sessions and matches are tailored for referee-related input (travel times, press related time, …) and are built with the individual nature of the training schedules of your federation in mind.

Our 4-weekly Training Quality Reports are built in close cooperation with FIFA en UEFA course instructors.

Let our Referee Management System help you optimise your referees’ physical performance and your federation’s workflow.

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Trusted by major European federations

Join the ranks of referee federations all over Europe.
Monitor your referees’ performance and be part of these stats.

3.5 K

Referees' performance monitored

1.35 M

Training sessions analysed

20 K

Monts of Training Quality reporting

What is included in our Referee Management System?

Manage your referees

Use a single customisable software solution to manage your referees. Grant access to all referees and stakeholders in your federation and plan, communicate and collaborate.

Centralise training sessions and matches

Centralise all your referees’ training sessions and matches in a single solution. Avoid having to switch between various platforms or countless spreadsheets. All the data you need is gathered in one easy to use workspace!

Track referee injuries

Grant access to your medical staff and track all medical history and injuries of your referees in a single, GDPR-proof environment.

Monitor training quality

Keep track of your referees’ training quality month after month. Ensure your referees are in peak physical condition and take action where necessary.

Monitor training load

Monitor your referees’ training load with precision-tools. Identify long term trends or acute changes to support your decision-making.

Standardised exercise tests

Use your centralised training sessions to assess standardised exercise tests like Yo-Yo, ARIET, SDS,… Create your reports directly from the platform and use various assessment moments to keep track of your referee’s evolution.


Use our handy tools to communicate with your referees and staff. Provide feedback to the right person at the right time.

Monitor the training quality of your referees

Benefit from the research and development we did for our Training Quality Reports. Our referee management software has been developed in close collaboration with FIFA an UEFA course instructors and tailored based on on-the-field experience in the past years.

Set targets for your referees in form of training schedules and use our monthly feedback reports to validate whether their training sessions have met your expectations or not.

Integrate athlete tracking data from various sources

Avoid having to change between various sources of performance tracking software. Our Referee Management System aggregates and translates GPS and heart rate data from various makes and models to our own internal model. Your referees can use different hard- and software but you only need one platform to monitor.

Check below to see what manufacturers we are compatible with. Does your federation use hardware we do not support?
Contact sales and see how we can do custom integrations for your federation.

Aggregate your athlete tracking data

Connect with major GPS and heart rate sensor manufacturers.

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