What EPTS is Topsportslab compatible with?

As a Performance Management Platform one of our most important objectives is to help practitioners save time by quickly centralising performance tracking data in a single solution. These centralised data need get organised correctly and efficiently in order to help supporting staff gain actionable insights and make decisions. The Topsportslab team is always on the lookout to integrate with major EPTS manufacturers and comes packed with a few integrations out of the box. You can find them in the list below.

Polar Electro OG

Polar compatibility

Our platform is fully compatible with Polar products. You can retrieve performance tracking data for your team by using Polar Flow (all flow enabled devices are compatible) or a Team Pro kit.

Data is imported automatically from Polar’s API’s without the supporting staff needing to import it. Raw data can also be uploaded manually in CSV or TCX format.

STATSports compatibility

Our platform is fully compatible with STATSports devices. Supply your team with Athlete Series devices and have your athletes connect their accounts with Topsportslab for automatic raw data imports using the STATSports API.

For Pro Series kits aggregate data can be imported at regular time intervals or raw data can be be uploaded manually to the platform.

ASI FieldWiz

ASI compatibility

Our platform is fully compatible with the ASI product line. You can use Topsportslab to register and manage your Admos Live devices, import raw data from them or monitor them real-time.

FieldWiz kits can be paired with Topsportslab. You can connect your docking station to synchronise your devices with Topsportslab and get your load data directly into our Performance Management module.


Garmin Connect compatibility

All Garmin Connect enabled devices are compatible with Topsportslab.

Have your athletes authorise their Topsportslab accounts with Garmin Connect and retrieve their raw performance tracking data automatically at regular intervals.

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