Topsportslab / Willem II

Surviving The Eredivisie on € 2.5M staff budget


Founded in 1896, named after the King, Willem II has a rich history in the Dutch professional football leagues. Despite never winning the Eredivisie, the club finished runner-up and qualified for the Champions League in 1999. In 2013 Willem II started work with TopSportsLab and got promoted to the Eredivisie. Despite this success, their financial situation was precarious as their budget was nearly the lowest in the league (€2.6m excl. stadium rental fees).

The Challenge

Willem II realised that in order to achieve success with a minimal budget, they would have to become smarter and leaner. They made the decision to implement cutting-edge performance management and injury prevention systems by TopSportsLab. Willem II is historically known for its successful youth academy. Unfortunately, after their relegation in 2012 they had to abandon their ambitions in this area.

Project Highlights

  • Subsequent to a successful trial and the club’s promotion in 2013, TopSportsLab is confirmed as a long-term strategic partner.
  • A structured player tracking, screening, injury prevention and continuous monitoring programme was developed.


  • Promotion to Eredivisie in 2013
  • Ranked 9th half way through 14/15 season