Software Highlights


Continuous monitoring
  • Display a clear view on a player’s current status as the system monitors and processes data gathered every time a player is on the training ground and combines this with other relevant information (medical, tests, social)
  • Receive advance warning from TopSportsLab’s ‘Overuse Indicator’, which gives notice when possible injuries (or ‘re-injuries’) may occur. Preventative measures can then be taken and training programs modified. This ultimately results in fitter, faster and stronger athletes
  • Make the best possible decisions on the way to train athletes including when and for how long they should perform on match days
  • Ensure optimal performance while minimising the risk of injury when a player has multiple team commitments such as playing for both his club and the national team. Data from this module can be passed on to the relevant external staff with recommendations on workload including how long a player can play competitively for