Benefits to your team


  • TopSportsLab enabled teams consistently achieve better ROI on transfer fees
  • A fitter and more predictable squad is far easier to manage and requires less resources to achieve success
  • Medical bills are reduced as reliance on external consultants and medical equipment decrease
  • Squad sizes can be reduced and the associated payroll savings made – the average TopSportsLab enabled squad consists of just 22-25 players
  • Efficiency savings means cross-club administration and bureaucracy is markedly reduced. Centralised records also means lower legal risk and reduced insurance premiums
  • Identify hidden talent more easily – which means identifying additional value across your whole organisation from youth to first team
  • Add value through the alignment of the first team with your youth academy. 80% of your 1st team athletes could be home grown

Clients Include

FSC Clients
FSC Clients
FSC Clients