Benefits to your team

In the boardroom – the financial and business case for TopSportsLab

One of the key features of the TopSportsLab system is to dramatically reduce player injuries and the associated financial and performance cost. Our predictive and preventative tools have been shown to reduce overall non-contact injuries by more than 40% as well as increasing overall player fitness.

“Reduce non-contact injuries by more than 40%”

When you consider that the average professional footballer is on the bench due to injuries for an average time of 16% of his playing career, it is clear that your team’s investment in that player is severely affected by injury proneness.


  • TopSportsLab enabled teams consistently achieve better ROI on transfer fees
  • A fitter and more predictable squad is far easier to manage and requires less resources to achieve success
  • Medical bills are reduced as reliance on external consultants and medical equipment decrease
  • Squad sizes can be reduced and the associated payroll savings made – the average TopSportsLab enabled squad consists of just 22-25 players
  • Efficiency savings means cross-club administration and bureaucracy is markedly reduced. Centralised records also means lower legal risk and reduced insurance premiums
  • Identify hidden talent more easily – which means identifying additional value across your whole organisation from youth to first team
  • Add value through the alignment of the first team with your youth academy. 80% of your 1st team athletes could be home grown

In the locker room - direct benefits to the athletes, coaches and support team

The TopSportsLab system is designed to push athletes to the very limits of their physical ability –without risking overload and injury. By analysing data gathered on the training field and presenting it in a clear graphical format, both athletes and medical staff have the confidence to push harder.

“TopSportsLab teams such as AZ Alkmaar and Olympique de Marseille are recognised as the fittest football team in their competitions. In addition, they consistently report extremely low injury levels”.

Athletes that have the confidence to train and play harder means fitness levels are boosted across the entire team. It also makes athletes happier and more motivated which improves morale throughout the club and its stakeholders.


  • Fatigue management system allows coaching and medical staff to know who is not training to their potential and those who are overworked
  • Support the intuition of your coaches with science and eliminate the guesswork from decisions
  • Centralised record keeping means staff can collaborate worldwide on rehabilitation and evaluation programmes
  • Transparent performance reporting provides incentive and motivation to athletes
  • Secure legacy knowledge. When a medical or technical staff member leaves the club, ensure their (current and historic) knowledge and data remains
  • Improve team communication by enhancing club processes and interconnecting various departments
  • All members of staff can internally share information using the built-in mail center, notification boards, text messages, etc.
  • Athlete tracking system. Players can be closely and continually monitored in all relevant performance areas

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